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Today’s customer is empowered by choice. YDC Distribution offers a wide array of awesome foodservice products and services to help YOU adapt and win in a constantly evolving restaurants, frozen desserts, ice cream, frozen yogurt, soft-serve, fun foods, juice bars, cafes, and overall food & beverage industry.

All Things Soft-Serve And Lots More!

What started as a small regional yogurt distribution company back in 2010 has rapidly grown into a premium national and international manufacturer, distributor and marketer of soft serve mixes, soft-serve flavor mixes, premium food and beverage mixes, fun foods and innovative new foodservice concepts. Check out some of the awesome products and fun foods menu concepts by YDC Distribution below:

Magical Flavors

Over 200 flavors built from the ground up for all types of soft serve including ice cream, frozen yogurt, gelato, sorbet, non-dairy soft serve, vegan soft serve and much more!

Magical Flavors

Soft Serve Distribution

Serve your customers North America's premium soft serve ice cream, soft serve frozen yogurt, soft serve gelato, fruit sorbets, vegan ice cream mix and much more!

Yogurt Distribution Company

Froot Bubbles

Froot Bubbles offers top selling one-step bubble tea mix, bubble tea equipment, bubble tea store supplies, tapioca pearls, popping boba and lots more!

Top Selling Bubble Tea Mix

Euphoria Foodservice

Top Quality Food & Beverages and New Trends Fun Foods for Restaurants, Cafes, Ice Cream Stores, Frozen Yogurt Stores, Smoothies,  Juice Bars and QSR's across the USA, Puerto Rico, Alaska, Hawaii, Canada and Worldwide. 

Euphoria Food & Beverages

New in 2018 From YDC Distribution

Vegan Ice Cream Mix and Coconut Soft Serve Mix

VeganBliss and CocoBliss Soft-Serve Ice Cream Mixes

Introducing the most delicious Vegan (100% Non-Dairy) and Coconut Soft Serve Ice Cream Mix. 100% dairy free, Cholesterol free, Fat free, Parve Kosher Certified. 

Gelato and Sorbet Mixes

Gelato and Sorbet Mixes

Simple, quick and always ready Gelatos and Sorbets mixes for an impeccable easy preparation. All ingredients in one bag, to be diluted in milk or water, depending on the flavor and texture you want to obtain. 

Epic Ice One-Step Slush Mix

Go Ice Ice Baby this Summer with our Premium line of One-Step slush Mixes

Epic Slush Mix USA Canada

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For all things soft-serve, recipes, mixing instructions, digital graphics, flavor strips (flavor cards) to display on soft-serve machines, ingredients and nutritional info, please visit YDC Customer Portal - YDC Knolwedge Center - Soft-Serve Central

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